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The London InterCommunity Health Centre was established in 1989 to support individuals and families whose poverty, isolation, age, lack of housing or recent immigration prevented access to both health and social services and meaningful community participation.


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PINOT: Supporting physicians and patients with complex needs

What is PINOT? People In Need Of Teams- A direct referral program that allows physicians to connect patients with complex needs to services available from the London InterCommunity Health Centre as an extension of their primary care. Background A key gap in primary health care is the lack of inter-professional care for the majority of […]

LGBT2Q+ Network: Community Standards of Practice

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, 2-Spirit, Queer + (LGBT2Q+) Network of London and Area is a public directory of organizations and service providers who have committed to specific Community Standards of Practice related to serving LGBT2Q+ communities.

Caring for Syrian Newcomers – Video Series

On January 27, 2016, more than 60 health and social service providers (many working in primary care settings) met at the Cross Cultural Learners Centre for an information session about health and health care for the Syrian refugees who have joined the London community. Welcome, Introduction & NewComers Clinic (Susan Hocking) Refugee Health 101: (Dr. […]