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Information for Physicians


I have worked at the Health Centre since 1993. What initially drew me to this place was a unique opportunity to learn from people from all corners of the world, while assisting them with their health care issues and providing them with the best medical services of which I am capable. What is unique about the Centre is that we work as a multidisciplinary team. Together with many highly skilled colleagues, I am part of a facility which is equipped to provide the absolute best outpatient medical & social services available anywhere – to a wonderful clientele. Even today, I feel great passion for the work we do here.

Brooke Noftle, MD, FCFP

The London InterCommunity Health Centre offers care to clients though an interdisciplinary care team. Currently we employee approximately 30 full-time and part-time registered health care professionals – including physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, and dietitians. This staff team is supported by contracted services in the fields of psychology and psychiatry.  All employees of our Health Centre, including physicians, are salaried. Physicians receive a benefit package, professional development, paid vacation and membership in the HOOPP (Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan) pension. The Health Centre uses an electronic client record system.  Trained interpreters are available for clients requiring services in languages other than English.

Our physicians work with individuals who experience barriers to receiving adequate, appropriate health and social services. Many are newcomers to Canada. Many are affected by poverty as well as complex and/or chronic health concerns. Our clients present challenging health concerns. Fortunately, our physicians are well supported by the interdisciplinary care team model. Longer appointments mean more time to work with the complex issues presented and thus greater opportunities for meaningful client interaction, assessment and education.

For more information about physician practice within the London InterCommunity Health Centre, please contact Scott Courtice, Executive Director at (519) 660-0875 x 245.