Organizational Structure

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Late in the 2009/10 fiscal year, the Health Centre underwent a “re-imagining” process with the following goals in mind:

• Better equip ourselves to serve clients
• Remove barriers to care, ensuing every door is the right door
• Use the expertise of staff as effectively as possible
• Ensure decision-making takes place at the right level
• Position the Health Centre for its future

This new model of service delivery became active April 1, 2010.

The Health Centre is committed to hiring staff that reflect the diversity of the clients and community that we serve. For our Seniors WrapAround program, for which we sought foreigned-trained professionals from a health or social services background, we initiated a hiring process that was intended to ease the barriers that newcomers face when seeking Canadian employment. A job satisfaction survey conducted with the WrapAround facilitators revealed the following commentary:

“I feel more than supported and listened. The most important part is that I know that there is a guide to follow, I do not have to guess how to do things, I feel free to consult, to give my thoughts but at the same time I am sure there is a safe space to share insecurities regarding how to deal and handle different job related situations. I have recovered the self-confidence, which I had lost after many years of adaptation to the new country and all the implications this process involves. Feeling confident is the base to perform a good role, so the mentorship piece is priceless to me and it helps me to love my job even more.”


Org Chart Updated Jan 29 2016