Diabetes and Chronic Diseases

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Diabetes Care

physician + dietitian with clientWe believe that everyone with diabetes can learn to live well with diabetes – to manage medications, diet and activity in a way that feels right for you. Our diabetes care team – which includes certified diabetes educators, registered nurses, registered dietitians and a community worker – is here to help people with diabetes or pre-diabetes take good care of themselves!

We have experience serving those who face barriers to care such as language, culture, transportation or a low income. Our staff also provide diabetes care and prevention services to people with mental health issues and people who are homeless.

Our diabetes care team offers many monthly self management groups that will give participants reliable, up-to-date information about learning to care for themselves.

At these groups individuals can talk with others who may have the same concerns that they have. We are interested in participant questions and always leave a lot of time for discussion. Attendees are also welcome to bring a family member with them so that they can also ask questions.

Those who come to our groups regularly may also meet one-on-one with a diabetes educator, community worker, or dietitian about their diabetes.

Our diabetes services are free and open to the entire community. While some of our monthly groups are held at our Dundas Street location, many are held at other locations in the city such as community centres or places of worship (ex. London Gospel Temple, London Islamic Centre).

Translation is provided for those who do not speak English.

2017 Diabetes Program brochure

2017 Diabetes Program fact sheet

For more information, or to learn the times and locations of our diabetes groups (many are ethnic specific and offered several languages), please call Adriana, Program Manager, Diabetes and Ethno-Cultural Programs at (519) 660-0875 x 226 or e-mail.

Diabetes Coordinated Access Pilot Project

What is Coordinated Access?

  •  A single point of contact for all patients
  • Simple and more timely access to information regarding the status of a referral for providers and patients
  • A central contact point for information regarding system availability and locations for specific types of education and treatment interventions
  • Appropriate triaging of referrals

 What has changed?

  •  All existing referral forms to our diabetes education programs have been replaced by one Health Care Provider referral form and one Self-Referral form.
  • Coordinated Access provides 2 faxed confirmations: First, when the referral is received, and Second with the location, date and time of the first booked appointment.

 How do I refer a client?

Health Care Provider:

Self referral:

  • Complete this self-referral form 2016-05 CASelfReferralForm and fax it to 1-855-DIABETS (342-2387) or bring it in person to the Health Centre at 659 Dundas Street

For more information about  this pilot project, coordinated by the South West LHIN and Health Centre, click here to see a list of Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ_Diabetes Coodinated Access Process

Chronic Conditions and Chronic Pain – Self Management Groups

Several times each year the Health Centre offers two six week programs to help individuals learn tools and skills to living well with a chronic condition.

This program is for individuals who are living with the challenges of a chronic (ongoing) health concern. These chronic conditions include: pain, diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) or asthma – to name a few.
The purpose of these groups is to support people to “live well” with a chronic condition. Support is given in the areas of:

  • Coping with pain and fatigue
  • Managing difficult emotions
  • Exercise and nutrition
  • Communication, goal setting & problem solving
  • Use of medication
  • Making informed treatment decisions
  • Developing positive partnerships with health care professionals

The group is open to people with chronic conditions as well as those who care for them. Free child-minding is available if required. To find out when the next group is scheduled, please contact Clara, Seniors’ WrapAround Facilitator (519) 660-0875 ext 316 or e-mail.