Immigrant and Ethno-cultural Communities

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Woman throwing frisbeeFor twenty five years we have supported immigrant seniors and immigrant women through various programs and services. And, since 2008, the Health Centre has offered services for francophone seniors coming from a diversity of communities around the world.

Our women’s programs are designed to help women with integration into Canada by linking them to available resources in the community, providing health promotion education, and by offering a space to come together, have their voices heard, and build supportive relationships within the community.

We’ve written a description of each program – but for more information please call reception to book an appointment with our Systems Navigators  at (519) 660-0875 ext 358.

Women of the World (WOW)

WOW is a service offered to immigrant and newcomer women. It’s three main objectives are: reducing barriers that women face through the process of integration; increasing immigrant women’s experiences of inclusion and support; and, building leadership capacity for immigrant women. The program also enables women to promote their own health and the health of other women through mutual support.

There are two aspects to WOW:

Peer Leadership Training

WOW provides intensive training  to bilingual immigrant women wishing to volunteer to help other newcomer women in their own communities. Through our Peer Leader Training, they are given the tools, knowledge and skills needed to develop and lead women’s groups in their own communities. These trained volunteer facilitators provide group and one-on-one support to newcomer women to reduce different barriers they face and increase a sense of belonging in their new community. The free training requires a commitment of 10 hours/week for 8 weeks, and is provided in English only. Certificates are issued at the end of the training.

Peer Leader Training application for print (PDF)

WOW Peer Leader Training Brochure (PDF -English)

Community Groups

These are the groups started by our trained Peer Leaders. Women develop friendships, share experiences, learn about Canadian culture, and learn to recognize their own skills and how these skills are useful in their new community. They participate in community events, and are connected to services to help them find a job, education, or even start a business. The women are involved in identifying issues and topics of concern, which are discussed at meetings. Most importantly, these community groups support women to manage their health and live healthier in their new country.

The Centre currently offers 5 support groups that meet twice a month and are conducted in the languages of the women. They meet at various locations and times around the city. For details click here: WOW Card 2017

  • Afghan Women’s Group
  • Middle Eastern Women’s Group
  • 3 Multi-cultural Women’s Group

If you wish to participate or learn more, please call Adriana, Program Manager, Diabetes and Ethno-Cultural Team, (519) 660-0875 x226, or e-mail.

Mindful Movement Program for Women

Discover the health & relaxation benefits of gentle physical movement activities such as yoga, nia, and tai-chi, to increase flexibility and strength and build muscle tone. All women are invited to participate in this free program. Drop-in Mondays from 5-6pm (Unit 7-1355 Huron Street). No Cost. Please wear comfortable clothing.

Seniors’ Home Visiting Program

This program is for immigrant seniors who find it difficult to leave the house, and who may feel alone or disconnected from the community.


Seniors are partnered with a community volunteer with similar interests. They speak a variety of languages and come from many different cultural backgrounds. Each volunteer is fully screened, including a police/background check, and they are interviewed and trained very carefully.

The volunteer will visit the senior every week. Together, the senior and the volunteer may talk, go for walks, drink tea, or do activities like knitting, crafts, painting or attending community programs. Volunteers also support clients by linking them with community supports and services.

If you are an immigrant senior or caregiver to an immigrant senior, please contact Clara, Seniors’ WrapAround Facilitator for more information: (519) 660-0875 ext. 316 or email.

Seniors’ Drop-in Programs

Join us Wednesdays 1:00 – 3:00 pm at 659 Dundas St.  (Oasis Room)

Translation is provided. All seniors are welcome to join us for the following activities:

  • Health promotion presentations
  • Social Support
  • Ageless Grace- light seated exercise

For more information contact Sarah, Seniors Health Worker: (519) 660-0875 ext. 275 or e-mail.

Seniors’ Tai Chi

The Tai Chi Program for seniors starts with coffee and social time, followed by an Introduction to Tai Chi taught by a certified volunteer instructor from the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Canada. 
Seniors will learn the first few moves of the Tai Chi set, an exercise of gentle turning and stretching that can help with flexibility, strength, and balance.Tai Chi

Interpretation is provided by a Health Centre volunteer. No registration is required.

The Tai Chi Program runs every Saturday morning from 9:15 to 11:15 in the Oasis Room at the London InterCommunity Health Centre. Please enter at the back of the building.

For more information about Taoist Tai Chi, please visit

For more information on the program, contact Sarah, Seniors Health Worker: (519) 660-0875 ext. 275  or e-mail.

Seniors’ WrapAround

Our WrapAround program supports all seniors, aged 55+ and have access to few community or social supports – leaving them isolated and at higher risk of hospitalization or long-term care placement.

Community agencies and organizations, family physicians, health care professionals, faith communities or family members can refer immigrant and francophone seniors to our WrapAround program. There is no cost to participants. Just call to refer, or complete our Referral Form

A referred senior will be partnered with one of our WrapAround Facilitators, who works with the senior and his or her family to form a WrapAround team. With the right combination of supports in place, seniors participating in the WrapAround program will find solutions to many of their day-to-day concerns and live happier, healthier lives in their own homes.

To learn more about WrapAround or to refer a senior to this innovative program, please call 519-660-0874 and ask to speak with a member of the Wraparound team.

For more information on the program, contact Adriana, Program Manager, Diabetes and Ethno-Cultural Team: (519) 660-0875 ext. 226 or e-mail.

Francophone Services and Programs

London Intercommunity Health Centre offre des services en français pour vos besoins médicaux et sociaux, en plus les programmes WrapAround pour aînés, et groupes de rencontre en français. Des informations en français sur la santé et le bien-être sont également données lors des groupes de rencontre :

Les mardis de 10 h 30 à 12 h, London InterCommunity Health Centre (Bureau de Huron au 1355, rue Huron) et les vendredis de 13 h à 15 h à la Bibliothèque Cherryhill (Septembre à Juin) ou Bibliothèque Sherwood (l’été). Pour en savoir plus, veuillez contacter Isabelle au (519) 660-0875, poste 312 ou Sonia au (519) 660-0875, poste 288.

London Intercommunity Health Centre offers French services for your medical and social needs, in addition we offer the Seniors WrapAround program and weekly drop-in programs in French. Information on health and well- being is provided during weekly French drop-in groups:

Tuesdays 10:30 am -12 pm at London Intercommunity Health Centre, Huron office (1355 Huron Street) and Fridays 1:00 pm – 3 pm at Cherryhill Library (September to June) or Sherwood Library (Summer). For more information, please contact Isabelle at (519) 660-0875 ext. 312 or Sonia at (519) 660-0875 ext. 288.