London InterCommunity Health Centre

Our Youth Outreach Worker (YOW) Team is committed to promoting youth and community engagement, and increasing youth opportunities. The YOW team meets youth ‘where they are at.” In various community locations throughout North East and East London, our five YOWs provide direct person-to-person contact with those aged 12 – 21, in order to build trusting relationships and connect youth to appropriate programs and services. Examples include, but are not limited to:

LIHC Outreach workers

  • Primary Health Care
  • Skills Development
  • Recreational Activities
  • Income Support
  • Sexual Health
  • Legal Services
  • Mental Health and Addictions
  • Education
  • Volunteering
  • Parenting
  • Employment
  • Basic Needs or Housing


We aim to enhance and promote the development of community based services and local leadership. Our outreach is intended to reduce risk factors by: sharing information about the interests, concerns, and needs of youth and their families, providing information regarding relevant programs services and opportunities, guiding and facilitating access to programs, and services, and enabling positive civic participation in their neighbourhoods and communities

This program is funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services of Ontario. There is no referral necessary to access these services. To get in touch with a YOW, call 519.660.0875 x500 or if you are interested learning more about our youth programs connect with Greg – Program Manager – Child, Youth and Family Team at 519-660-0875 x225 or e-mail.