Women Empowering Women Scholarship Application

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 About the Program: The Women Empowering Women Scholarship is designed to remove some of the barriers for refugee and immigrant women returning to school in Canada so that they may secure more sustainable employment in Canada. This scholarship is intended to sponsor their education so that women may graduate and enter the workforce without incurring debt that may affect their ability to support themselves and their families. The scholarship pays for tuition and student fees at an accredited post secondary college or university. This may be full or partial funding. Participating women will also benefit from a mentor to provide support, encouragement and direction related to seeking and securing employment. It is hoped that women in receipt of a “Women Empowering Women” Scholarship will be active participants in the community of London.

 Application Process:  The application process is in two parts. The first part entails a review of all applications submitted on or before the deadline date. The most suitable candidates will be selected based on criteria and available funds.  Subsequently, the selected candidates will be invited to a panel interview. We are currently selecting applicants for the 2016 academic year. We reserve the right to not select any candidates if our criteria are not met. Women will be supported through this application process in order to reduce barriers to accessing this opportunity.

Application deadline: September 28th, 2015

Program Requirements: To be eligible for the Scholarship, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Be a resident of London and Middlesex and an immigrant or refugee with permanent residency
  • Over 18 years of age and unemployed or underemployed
  • Have researched and/or applied to an accredited program at a post secondary college or university.
  • Demonstrate that they have met the requirements of the program of their choice
  • Are able to demonstrate how this program will enhance their ability to gain sustainable employment
  • Demonstrate a financial barrier to paying for the education with her own or her family’s resources
  • Demonstrated history of success in previous studies
  • Demonstrated commitment to community involvement
  • Be willing to share her story at speaking engagements or in marketing materials used to support the Scholarship

If awarded a scholarship candidates must be able to begin their studies within the 2016 academic year. The number of scholarships awarded will be dependent on the funds available.

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Women Empowering Women Scholarship Application 20152016