London InterCommunity Health Centre

Board of Directors and Community Advisory Council

Board of Directors

An elected Board Member’s responsibility is to review activities and outcomes of the Health Centre on a regular basis to ensure consistency with the strategic direction and ensure compliance with the Multi-Sectoral Accountability Agreement with the South West Local Health Integration Network, assume leadership in advocating for the Health Centre in the community and annually evaluate Board and personal contribution to the Health Centre.

Directors: Nadine Wathen (Chair),  Rolando Aguilera (Vice Chair), Vijay Venkatesan (Treasurer),  Aisha Gbagba, Tyler Harcourt, Paul Levac, Heather Lokko and AnnaLise Trudell.


Community Advisory Council

The Community Advisory Council is a sounding board to the Board of Directors and Executive Director, and is comprised of non-board members who have the skills and expertise to give the Board and Executive Director feedback on program and services development as needed.

Council members bring the needs of the community to the attention of the Health Centre. They bring to the Health Centre items of concern for discussion, comment and feedback. They share the knowledge of the Health Centre to other groups, agencies and citizens in London in order to help involve these groups with the work of the Health Centre.

Council: Jean Bageire, Tosha Densky, Yasmin Hussain, Robert Newman, Rachal Skedgel, Irene Snake, Catherine Thibert, Nicole Turner and Shamiram Zendo.