London InterCommunity Health Centre


Primary care services are provided by a team that includes registered nurses, registered practical nurses, a community dietitian, physiotherapists, nurse practitioners and physicians.

Our goal is to keep each client as healthy as possible through primary care, health teaching and goal setting. We provide treatment and support for illnesses as well as chronic health problems. We have experience working with people who face barriers to accessing care who have complex health care needs. They might be experiencing homelessness, beginning their journey to discover their gender identity, living with mental health and addictions challenges, or starting a new life in Canada, etc. We offer a warm, safe and welcoming experience for all of our clients.

Our clinic is not designed as a drop-in. Each person needs to be a registered client and needs an appointment if they want to see a doctor or a nurse practitioner. We do our best to offer same-day appointments for urgent concerns. Each client is assigned a primary care team and may see any member of that team during their appointment depending on the client’s need. The team consists of a registered nurse, a nurse practitioner and a physician.

To find out about becoming a client of the Health Centre or about how you can get involved with our programs and services, please book an appointment to meet with one of our systems navigators at (519) 660-0874. If you are looking for information specific to primary care for refugees please view our Newcomers Clinic page.