London InterCommunity Health Centre

The newcomers clinic is a collaboration between the Cross Cultural Learners Centre (CCLC) and the Health Centre. The clinic, which is located at CCLC and staffed by clinicians from the Health Centre, provides care to government-assisted refugees during their first 6 months in Canada.

Newcomers to Canada

There are two primary areas of focus for the clinic: 1) completing early health assessments for newcomers; and 2) providing acute care for newcomers who, in some cases, have never accessed primary care, have undiagnosed or uncontrolled medical issues, or who come with complex medical and medication records.

For Government Assisted Refugees:

  • Must be connected to a CCLC settlement counselor/worker.
  • Must have been in Canada for less than 6 months.
  • Do not have a current physician who practices in London.

Newcomers and Refugee Claimants to London:

Those without a health card, (excluding Visitor, Work and Education Visas and/or sponsored individuals who are required to provide their own coverage) will be accepted for services regardless of geographic boundary, these services will be determined at the time of intake. A health and social needs intake will be completed by our systems navigators to determine eligibility for primary care.