London InterCommunity Health Centre

The Safer Opioid Supply (SOS) Program is an extension of the traditional harm reduction model at the Health Centre.

Through this program, physicians prescribe opioids to clients to replace the illicit market of toxic supply they rely on. The program focuses on a client-centered, team-based, and comprehensive approach within a community health centre model of care.

By providing a safer supply to the most marginalized in our community, it reduces the risk of overdose, poisoning, infectious disease transmission, incarceration, and death.


Who can participate in this program?

 This program is offered to high-risk populations who use street level substances. Criteria is determined once the referral form is processed. Individuals will meet with a systems navigator to assess the individual’s circumstances. Individuals must reside in London.


What is expected of the program participants?

 Each client is required to adhere to a set of guidelines in order to participate in the program.

These are outlined during the initial intake and in the Therapeutic Agreement and include:

  • Clients will be expected to attend weekly appointments with their doctor, submit weekly urine samples and pick up their medication as directed at their specified pharmacy
  • Clients are expected to make positive decisions and actions for their health (HIV treatment, cancer screening, diabetes self-management, etc.)
  • Clients will be honest with their doctor regarding drug use outside of their Safer Supply prescription
  • Clients will be expected to work with outreach workers, care facilitators, and/or systems navigators on social goals (housing, ODSP, ID, etc.)
  • Clients will not sell or otherwise divert their Safer Supply medication. Diversion represents a reason for removal from the Safer Opioid Supply program


How can I refer a person to this program?

 To make a referral, please fill out our referral form below. The referral form can be completed by a provider or by the individual interested in the program. Please note the SOS program is currently full and we will not be taking any new referrals at this time. 


For more information about the SOS program, please contact Stephanie McCulligh, Systems Navigator – Health Outreach, 519-660-0875 ex 1386.

Click here for program details: SOS General Information

The Safer Opioid Supply Program receives financial support from the Government of Canada’s Substance Use and Addictions Program.