London InterCommunity Health Centre

Seniors' WrapAround ProgramOur Seniors WrapAround program supports all seniors, aged 55+ and have access to few community or social supports – leaving them isolated and at higher risk of hospitalization or long-term care placement.

Community agencies and organizations, family physicians, health care professionals, faith communities or family members can refer immigrant, francophone and Canadian-born seniors to our WrapAround program. There is no cost to participants. Just call to refer, or complete our WA Referral form 2018 v2

A referred senior will be partnered with one of our WrapAround Facilitators, who works with the senior and his or her family to form a WrapAround team. With the right combination of supports in place, seniors participating in the WrapAround program will find solutions to many of their day-to-day concerns and live happier, healthier lives in their own homes.

Seniors Support – Volunteer Program

Seniors, who participate in the Seniors WrapAround Program, are partnered with a community volunteer with similar interests. Our volunteers speak a variety of languages and come from many different cultural backgrounds. Each volunteer is interviewed and trained very carefully. The volunteer will visit the senior every week in collaborating with the WrapAround team to provide support for each senior.

For more information on the Seniors WrapAround program connect with Adriana Diaz, Client Services Manager, at 519-660-0875 ext. 1417 or e-mail.