London InterCommunity Health Centre

Seniors' WrapAround ProgramOur Seniors’ WrapAround program supports all seniors, aged 55+ and have access to few community or social supports – leaving them isolated and at higher risk of hospitalization or long-term care placement.

Community agencies and organizations, family physicians, health care professionals, faith communities or family members can refer immigrant, francophone and Canadian-born seniors to our WrapAround program. There is no cost to participants. Just call to refer, or complete our WA Referral form 2020.

A referred senior will be partnered with one of our WrapAround Facilitators, who works with the senior and his or her family to form a WrapAround team. With the right combination of supports in place, seniors participating in the WrapAround program will find solutions to many of their day-to-day concerns and live happier, healthier lives in their own homes.

For more information connect with Clara Parra, Seniors’ WrapAround Program Supervisor, at 519-660-087 ext. 1314. Please note we are currently experiencing a high volume of referrals and therefore all new referrals will be placed on a waitlist. We will connect you as soon as we are able.