London InterCommunity Health Centre


Thank you for your interest in accessing Trans related services through London InterCommunity Health Centre.  We are pleased to inform you that the Southwest Local Health Integrated Network has provided dedicated funding for a full time registered nurse to support transgender health service at the Health Centre in the London-Middlesex catchment area.  This additional staffing will help the Health Centre better serve the community.

Because excessive wait times, we are pausing new referrals to reallocate our new and current resources, as we attempt to alleviate this unsustainable delay.  Access to initiating cross gender hormone therapy, access to new pubertal suppression and new assessment for surgical readiness are all closed.  Please know that we continue to provide services for existing clients.  As well, there is no disruption to accessing mental health services at this time.

Please note that only residents of London-Middlesex are eligible for services at the Health Centre. For anyone living outside this area, please consult your local Community Health Centre or Rainbow Health Ontario.

Trans Health Fact Sheet: 2018 Trans Health Team fact sheet

Trans Health Referral Form: 2020 Trans Health Referral Form


Primary Care

The London Intercommunity Health Centre’s Trans Health Program operates in collaboration with clients own personal medical providers (doctors/nurse practitioners), and as such, only manages aspects of Transgender care.

In 2016, the province deregulated Trans care from the only centralized option at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, and placed it where it rightly belongs, in the purview of primary care providers across the province, in individual’s home communities.

Trans care starts with your primary care provider. Here is a link about having that conversation:

Don’t have a doctor? You can start with Health Care Connect:


Trans Care

Trans care follows an informed consent model which is explained at

Services involved in Trans related care include:

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy, initiation and dosage titration following  Guidelines for Gender-Affirming Primary Care with Trans and Non-Binary Patients, produced by Rainbow Health Ontario / Sherbourne Health
  • Blood (serum) monitoring for therapeutic effect of hormones, and associated known possible common or usual eventualities at prescribed intervals (Can be coordinated with Outpatient Labs)
  • Referral for Trans Related Surgery through MOHLTC and surgical services
  • Collaboration with Trans affirming surgeons and post Trans related surgical assessment and support
  • Mental Health support regarding Transition
  • Pubertal suppression (as per Rainbow Health Ontario Guidelines)
  • Counselling and support to children/prepubescent adolescents
  • Clinical mentoring support to regional partners and services
  • Referral to endocrinology – gynecology or other specialties when indicated
  • Identification – identity remediation supports


External Resources

Access to continuing education through Rainbow Health Ontario:

Trans Health Knowledge Base:

World Professional Association of Transgender Health:

WPATH Standards of care:

Culturally appropriate clinical care for Trans Survivors of Sexual Assault:

Open Closet program for LGBT2Q+ youth 14-18 with Regional HIV/AIDS Connection:

PFLAG London – Peer Support to LGBT2Q+ Youth, Individuals, Parents and Allies:

Coming Out Over Coffee – Family Services Thames Valley:

Trans Health Community Resources: 2018-12 LGBTQ2S Community Resource List for London