Brochures and Publications

The Health Centre offers a number of resources to community members and our community partners in health and social service delivery. Our brochures and annual reports are, of course, free for your use. Please download and save, or print to give to friends, family members or people you are caring for.










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Women of the World: A Volunteer Peer Facilitator Training Manual
The Women of the World (WOW) Peer Facilitators Training Manual was developed in accordance with the London InterCommunity Health Centre’s core principles of health promotion and community development. This manual has been informed over many years by community conversations and community practice among Health Centre staff and immigrant women and their families here in London, Ontario. For immigrant women, the 12 week Peer Facilitator training facilitates a process where they begin to affirm their ability to bring about change in their world. This is about self-empowerment and community building. It is our hope that women who experience this training will see a more hopeful and positive future for themselves, their families and their communities in Canada.

Caregivers: A Handbook for the Family Caregiver
In 2009, the Health Centre updated and revised the Caregivers Handbook, originally published in 1997. This 100 page handbook for family caregivers includes information on such topics as services/resources, planning ahead, care for the caregiver, research, infection control, distance care giving and other relevant issues. As of March 2011 the Handbook is available in English, French and Spanish.

Cultural Dynamics and Chronic Illness“Diabetes, A Case Example”
This educational resource – video and handbook – examines cultural dynamics in the context of chronic illness experience. Health care providers, educators, and students will have the opportunity to explore, from both the client’s and the health care provider’s perspectives, the complex cultural issues in the stages of diagnosis, preparing to manage chronic illness, and management of chronic illness.