London InterCommunity Health Centre

Seniors’ WrapAround Support Volunteer Position

The Seniors’ WrapAround (WA) Support Program aims to provide and engage isolated, senior clients in meaningful activities with a volunteer home visitor. The goal of the volunteer’s role is to improve the clients’ WA transition phase through ongoing support, engagement and advocacy for the senior client. The volunteer will work together with the WA Facilitator to plan and accomplish client’s goals and to encourage continuous positive client outcomes.


  • Spend a minimum of two hours per week volunteering with the client
  • Maintain  the role as a friendly visitor for a minimum of one year
  • Maintain and  uphold client confidentiality
  • Retain a strong ability to take initiative and work with minimal supervision
  • Be willing to learn and participate in orientation, training programs and meetings
  • Comply with the polices and procedures of the organization


Time Commitment: A minimum of 2 hours of home visiting per week and a 1 year commitment is required.

Supervisor: Janelle 519-660-0875 ex 251 or e-mail.