The London InterCommunity Health Centre provides educational placement opportunities for students to better understand the community health centre model of care. Our vision of building opportunities for healthy inclusive communities aligns with supporting an individual’s personal education and learning goals as well promoting the larger societal impact of working from a community based approach to healthcare.


Agreements with Educational Institutions

Students must be attending a formal educational institution such as high school, post-secondary academic institution, academy, or university, or involved in a community education program. Before accepting a student on a regular basis for educational / research purposes, an agreement must be established which outlines the respective responsibilities. The agreement should contain the following provisions:

Responsibilities of the Educational Institution:

  • Ensure the relevance of academic programs to our model of care
  • Approve the qualifications of the students
  • Ensure adequate liability and malpractice insurance coverage is in place prior to their participation at the Health Centre, and provide a statement of that coverage to the London InterCommunity Health Centre.
  • Ensure that there is workplace insurance coverage for all students
  • Ensure that each student has completed a police record check
  • Provide a learning contract that stipulates the nature of work assignments and hours available
  • Provide all forms and clear instructions on the process required for evaluation and feedback
  • Provide direction/guidelines on process for termination of agreement


Responsibilities of the London InterCommunity Health Centre:

  • Ensure that student activities (i.e. Research, client service, facilitation etc) conform to accepted code of ethics, standards and other policies of the Health Centre.
  • Ensure quality of supervision and evaluation by appropriate staff member(s) is effective and contributes to the student learning
  • Provide facilities and /or equipment for use by students in the delivery of services
  • Conduct an interview with the student(s) to determine how the student’s learning objectives “fit” with the goals/objectives of the London InterCommunity Health Centre.
  • Ensure that we have students and educational institution contact person, contact information (name, program, title, email, phone, mailing address)
  • Keep all relevant information about the student and their placement on file, i.e. police checks, student contract, insurance information etc.
  • Ensure that all students sign a confidentiality agreement which will be kept on file.


Request for temporary placement will be handled on an individual basis 3-6 months in advanced. Acceptance will depend on the availability of a supervisor, number of students, length of placement and type and content of placement and at the discretion of the Program Managers.  Requests need to come through field practicum/placement coordinator, not the students themselves.

For more information, please contact our student placement coordinators by clicking here.

Should you require accommodation in making an application please contact our office. To learn more about the Health Centre’s policies related to our commitment to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act click here.