Trans Health Care – Binding, Packing, Tucking, Padding


Binding involves wearing tight clothing, bandages or compression garments to flatten out your chest.


“Packing” is a term some people use to describe having a non-flesh penis (sometimes referred to as a packer or a prosthetic penis). Some people view their non-flesh penis as a part of their body and don’t consider themselves to be “packing.” Many folks refer to this part just as their penis, rather than as a packer or prosthetic penis. With this in mind, we will use the term non-flesh penis, unless it is necessary to use the terms packer or prosthetic penis for clarity.


Tucking refers to the practice of hiding the penis* and testes* so they are not visible in tight clothing. There are many ways to tuck, such as pushing the penis* and testes* between your legs and then pulling on a pair of panties, to tucking the testes* inside of you.


Padding refers to the use of undergarments to create the appearance of larger breasts, hips or buttocks.

Additional Resources

For more information on binding, packing, tucking and padding, visit the Provincial Health Services Authority, British Columbia or speak with a member of the Trans Health Care team.

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