Trans Health Care – Learning How to Access Care

Your Own Primary Care Provider

In 2016 the provincial government (Ontario) decentralized Transgender Care from the one access point with CAMH (Centre for Addictions and Mental Health) in Toronto and started assisting to educate primary care providers to perform this care.

London InterCommunity Health Centre

London InterCommunity Health Centre offers comprehensive assistance with Transition medical intervention and counselling, identification (document remediation) and support and is actively developing community programming. Service is available to all ages, and has an intersectional approach to care. At this time care is limited to Transition assistance, and we are unable to assume other aspects of Primary Care, but will work in collaboration with your own Primary Care Provider. If you do not have a primary care provider/family doctor we will accept self referrals for transition related care.

Western Student Health Services

Recognizing the unique needs of gender-diverse students, the Trans Care Team comprises a group of clinicians from Health & Wellness Mental and Physical Health support teams who work together to provide specialized psychological counselling and medical care to students in a 2SLGBTQIA+ affirmative environment. Physicians at Health & Wellness have received training from Rainbow Health Ontario in the realm of counselling, hormone prescribing/maintenance, injections, surgical referrals, and post-operative care. They are able to refer to endocrine specialists and/or psychiatrists if there are complex needs beyond the scope of their primary care providers. Mental Health support clinicians at Health & Wellness offer individual counselling.

Western Health

A Specialist in Endocrinology

Your primary care provider can refer you to an Endocrinologist, these are doctors who specialize in hormones.

Currently there are four London and three regional doctors known to be currently doing this work for Trans Folx:

  • Dr. S. Van Uum
  • Dr. E. Brennan
  • Dr. J. Creider
  • Dr. R. Singarayer
  • Dr. A. Rahalkar – Sarnia


Gender Pathway Service – London Health Sciences Centre

  • Dr. Robert Stein


Clinic Connect

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