Trans Health Care – Name and Gender Marker Change

Name and Gender Marker Change – Fees

There is no fee to change sex designation on a birth registration. Fees still apply for requests for an updated birth certificate, birth certificate with parental information or certified copy of birth registration.

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Name and Gender Marker Change – Legal Name Change (Ontario)

Information on how to legally change a first, last or middle name in Ontario.

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Name and Gender Marker Change – Canadian Passport or Social Insurance Number

When updating information on your passport, you must submit a completely new passport application.  Even if you have a valid passport, the renewal form is not sufficient.

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Name and Gender Marker Change – Ontario Health Card (OHIP)

To legally change your name in Ontario, you must have lived in the province for at least the past 12 months, and be 16 years of age or older.

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Name and Gender Marker Change – Ontario Driver’s Licence

Since these changes are requested in person at a Service Ontario office, there are no forms that you need to fill out in advance. However, you will need to bring supporting documents to show that your name and/or sex designation has changed.

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What do I Need to Know Before I Begin the Process of Changing My Name

If you are looking to change multiple pieces of identification, you should change your birth certificate first, because many of the other identity pieces will require you to use your birth certificate to prove your identity.

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ID Clinic at the Health Centre

London InterCommunity Health Centre has an ID clinic that can assist with completing your Name and Gender Marker Change Forms – You don’t have to be receiving care at LIHC to access this service, you must reside in London Ontario.

Where Can I find a Commissioner or Oaths

A Commissioner of Oaths is a person who is authorized by the Province of Ontario to take an oath when you sign an affidavit or statutory declaration. They are given this authority by the Commissioners for Taking Affidavits Act. The Commissioner is not responsible for the content of the affidavit. For anyone born and residing in the province of Ontario, MPP offices are often a convenient way to access a Commissioner of Oaths at no cost, in London they are:

London West Peggy Sadler

London Fanshawe Teresa Armstrong

London North Centre Terence Kernaghan


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